Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reading Glasses for the 12 Tones/Part II

True Summer can stick with silver frames and call it a day. Nothing could be easier, or look more chic. 

Photo: OliverandAlexa,

I really love a nice, restful blue color on True Summers. If your eyes are this color, all the better to show off how lovely they are. Either way, you can count on your skin tone and hair harmonizing with the glasses, no problem. 

Photo: StrattonofSeattle,

These are absolutely beautiful. I love, love, looooove the purple/rose color of the frames and the beaded chain...not-your-Mama's-glasses chain, by the way....

Eyeglass Holder ~ Purple Eyeglasses Chain ~ Purple Beaded Eyeglasses Chain ~ Eyewear Chain ~ Eyeglass Lanyard ~ Reading Glasses Chain ~ Gift

Photo: SilverSanctuary,

The first thing I think of when envisioning Soft Summer is pewter, or brushed finishes. Anything antique looking and slightly weathered or time worn will look right at home on you. 

Designer Vintage Frames By WILLIS & GEIGER Pinnacle Round Style Antique Pewter Colour Frames With Beautiful Detail

Photo: TheOldGlassesShop,

Looking for a chain? This green is very eye catching. I especially like the gemstones and textured beads. 

Mint Green Glasses Chain Eyeglass Chain Reading Glasses Lanyard Glasses Holder Stylish Eyewear Glasses Leash
Photo: TJB Designs,

These are funky and fun, as well as very unexpected. The gradation from a darker rose to a warmer pink and beige is a lovely representation of your most flattering lipstick and blush colors. 

Huge Designer Cat Eye Glasses Disco Frames Clear Pink Rose MOD Vintage Eyeglasses or Sunglasses. Sale
Photo: Bibby'sRocket,

Soft Autumn is both earthy, yet gentle. Continuing on with the antique theme, but a bit warmer, here is a fabulous pair of cat eyes:

Photo: TheHouseCuriosities,

These have an industrial vibe to them. I think the terra cotta pink color would be very flattering. 

Designer Inspired Porsche Reading Glasses, Matte Red Readers, Men's and Women's Eyewear

Photo: Eyejets,

Nothing could be more perfect as an accessory than this chain. Green, warm rose pink and coral. Notice how Autumn texture comes into play. 

Eyeglass Chain Amazonite Green Aventurine Stone Eyeglass Necklace Lanyard Reading Glasses Sunglasses Peach Czech Glass Shannon's Whimsies

Photo: Shannon'sWhimsies,

I really enjoy seeing complimentary colors in the True Autumn palette together. These glasses are quite stylish. 

Photo: Eyejets,

If you prefer to march to the beat of a different drummer, how about some wood frames? If your hair has tones of these colors, I think this would look quite striking. 

Wooden Reading Eyeglasses, Handmade Wood Eyewear, RX Wooden Eyeglasses | Mens and Womens Glasses
Photo: Propwood,

I would not worry about the silver findings on these. The gemstones on these are nothing short of perfect. 

Agate and Quartz, Orange and clear glass bead reading glasses chain, necklace, with silver metal cross pendants

Photo: MrsBsBeads,

Dark Autumns have a million choices for reading glasses. can get a dark tortoiseshell set of frames if you want to, but why do that when you can have a little more fun?

1950s 60s style  'Peggy'' Tortoiseshell CAT EYE sunglasses or sun readers NEW made to original vintage design

Photo: RetroPeepersLTD,

If you prefer a little bit more drama and some bling, I say go for it!

Turquoise Exotic Frag Series Horn-Rimmed Reading Glasses With Assorted Swarovski Crystals

Photo : ArtisanCrystals,

I can sum it up in one word with these frames. AWESOME!

Green Reading Glasses French Eyewear Traction Production

Photo: MeritageMart,

The first color I think of when imagining Dark Winter is cranberry. It is such a great lipstick color. This chain is simply breathtaking. 

Red Glasses Chain, Glass Bead Eyeglass Chain, Eyeglass Necklace, Stunning Red Necklace for Reading Glasses

Photo: MicheleSAmanoDesigns,

These pomegranate red frames are simple, yet striking. If you prefer a no-fuss design, these will work nicely. 

Red Pomegranate Magnifying LED Glasses: Stitch & Craft in the Dark!!
Photo: CraftingSpecs,

A little bit of depth, sparkle and some camo. Take these out of your purse when you are out for the evening, and heads will turn for all of the right reasons. The peridot sparkles are an unexpected addition. 

Photo: MyPreeBling,

Certainly, there are a whole lot more options out there if you are willing to search. My hope is that you were able to open up your imagination. Discovering that wearing reading glasses does not mean you are stuck with the same-old same-old is liberating, and tends to make you feel better about doing so!



Reader Request: Comparing Dark Winter vs. True Winter

The Winter influenced seasons set the stage for bold, crisp color:

Dark Autumn 
Dark Winter

Bright Winter
Bright Spring

The Dark seasons contain a True Autumn undertone. For this reason, they are deeper, but a bit more muted.

The Bright seasons contain a True Spring undertone. For this reason, they are lighter and brighter. 

Let's go back to the foundation. True Winter:

Image result for true winter

We have the three primary colors: Red, yellow and blue in their purest form. 

Pure black and white are also present. 

True Winter is one of the two Cool seasons, the difference between it and True Summer is, True Winter is cold like hard frozen ice. True Summer is cool like flowing water. But, I digress......the point being made here is True Winter has, as its base the coldest colors you can find of the 12 palettes. 

Quite a bit more warmth is added with Dark Winter. In True Winter, there are no fiery embers. With Dark Winter, don't be mistaken... cold, brisk Winter air with snow and ice exists. However, the bonfire has dimmed down to simmering embers. 

Image result for dark winter colors

To use photo analogies, True Winter is crisp and contrasting:

Image result for winter stock photos

Image result for winter stock photos

Dark Winter is rustic:

Image result for winter stock photos

Image result for dark winter

Image result for true winter wardrobe

Related image

If you are deciding between both of these seasons, what do you need to look for?

1) Pure black and stark white prints look right at home on a True Winter. Dark Winters can't get away with that to the same degree. Their black and white needs to be softened down, just a tiny bit for balance. 

2) A True Winter needs polished shine. A Dark Winter looks better with some texture. If you are a Dark Winter, choose the alligator skin black shoes rather than the sleek patent leather your True Winter sister would wear. 

3) True Winters can wear a very cool toned lipstick that has a pure purple base, or a primary red. Dark Winters do much better in wine and cranberry colors. 

Image result for red lipstick

Image result for violet lipstick shade

Image result for berry lipstick

4) Color saturation. A True Winter palette is very high in chroma, though not as high as the Bright Seasons. If True Winter is absolutely cool and at 85-90%, Dark Winter is at 75%. 

5) True Winters wear polished silver, white gold and platinum very well. Dark Winters can wear silver and gold metals, provided there is texture added, like a hammered finish or something with an aged patina. 

Image result for shiny silver

Image result for aged patina silver bracelet

These are the most obvious differences I can think of. Dark Winter and True Winter are the closest sisters, as far as the seasonal spectrum goes. It all boils down to what you need...contrast and smooth shine, or depth and texture.



Sunday, May 7, 2017

Work Uniforms and Dress Codes......The Out Of Palette Experience and Solutions

If you are employed and have the freedom to choose your own outfits within the confines of a dress code, you are fortunate in that regard! Not all of us are blessed with choices like these. Many of us have to wear a company logo shirt or uniform. Chances are good, it is not flattering, color or style wise. If that is the case, what can you do to minimize the impact on your every day appearance?

Image result for work uniform stock photo

1) Make sure your hair is right. If your hair color is off, now is the time to either transition into your natural color, or find one that is in harmony with your skin tone. If your uniform is not meshing with your complexion, the wrong hair will only make things that much worse. 

Image result for hair color stock image

2) Accessorize. If your employer allows this, wear earrings and a necklace that are simple in style, yet in the correct metal for your seasonal category. Stud earrings, a bracelet with clean lines or a solitaire pendant are all great choices. They have the added benefit of not getting in your way while working. 

Image result for stud earrings stock photoImage result for stud earrings stock photoImage result for simple bracelet

3) The right makeup goes a LONG way towards helping you look your best with an article of clothing that isn't in your color scheme. I would even go as far as saying you should stick with the same eye shadow, liner, blush and lipstick as a default for every day wear so as to eliminate guesswork.

Image result for fresh makeup looks for spring
Photo: Savvy Sassy Moms

4) If you can wear your own clothing, but have to stay within a certain color scheme, try to keep the color of your blouse or shirt as far away from your face as possible. Even if it is not the best line on you, v necks are a great solution. 

Image result for v neck top

5) Be willing to borrow from either one of your neighbor palettes. (e.g., I have to wear black, or black/white/gray for work. Neither one of those colors are my best, so for cosmetics, I still wear Bright Sping, but borrow from the Bright Winter palette quite a bit. )

Image result for bright spring

Image result for bright winter
Let's put together a possible situation. It is hypothetical, but more than likely one a Light Spring will have faced at some point:

This is the Light Spring palette:

Image result for light spring

Our Light Spring is the typical strawberry blonde, light eyed girl our mind's eye imagines:

Image result for strawberry blonde freckles
Photo: How To Be A

She puts together her resume, knocks on a few doors and finally lands that career opportunity she's been looking for!
Everything is all sunny and good, until she finds out what the work uniform/dress code will be. 

Black and white. 

If we look above at the Light Spring palette, black and white are nowhere to be found. 

What can she do in order to look her best during business hours?

I would opt for a pair of small gold stud earrings, or some gold stud earrings with a  stone in a favorite color of the palette. Since her hair has reddish tones, I'd choose a complimentary color like green:

Image result for birthstone stud earrings

Another nice look, especially on Light seasons, is the layered jewelry trend. The warm tone of gold will help break up the coldness of black and white:

Image result for layered gold necklace

Wear the most vibrant of your cosmetics colors that you can, while keeping the application fresh. This will help soften the impact of black and white. 

Image result for light spring makeup

Could she borrow from Light Summer, since the palette is a bit cooler and darker? It would depend entirely on how close she was to Light Summer at her draping. Either way, she'd be better off sticking with her Light Spring choices. 

Time to consider another possibility. Say you are a True Summer and your uniform means you have to wear orange. 

This is a tough one for True Summers because orange is not anywhere near their color selections:

Image result for true summer]

My first suggestion would be, wear your white gold or sterling jewelry if you are allowed to. A nice pair of pearl earrings will also help bring attention away from the orange and towards your face. 

Image result for pearl earrings

Take a look at the lipstick colors. I would choose a lipstick to match the warmest of these. I would also choose eye liner to match your greens and stick with your gray eye shadows, as your mauve grays and violets won't look right. 

Consider borrowing from your sister season, Light Summer. Sometimes in an extreme situation, you may have to be a bit more adaptable. The neutral pinks for lipstick colors and the greens for eye liner may help tie your look together a bit better. 

Image result for light summer

If you need to work for a living, there are aspects of the job that you more than likely enjoy and other aspects that aren't quite so great. If your occupation is rewarding and is a good match for your skills and personality, a less than perfect work uniform should not be a deal breaker. With a little bit of creativity, looking your best each day can indeed be possible!