Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Valid Questions Series: "Do The Drapes Have To Match The Fans?"

(The following is all just my opinion. I offer this a disclaimer: I am not a trained color consultant. I am not a trained image consultant, nor do I have any type of national or international certification. The only beauty related license I carry is a Florida Board of Cosmetology license and one from North Carolina. The knowledge I have gained is from doing a lot of reading, more reading, and yet still more reading. I've learned SO much from the stories of others and from speaking face to face with consultants who are active in their business.I thank all of them....too many to list....for helping me on my pathway and for enabling me to answer this question the best way I know how.)


"Do you think the drapes from each season should match the 12 Tones/ Invent Your Image/Indigo Plume/Prism Xii fan color fields? I have noticed there are some discrepancies and it has been discussed at length on some of the color/style groups in Facebook. What is your take?"

Knowing the direction of where the sun and moon are while hiking and paying attention to trail markers can help you keep your direction. A good compass can do so much more than that. It will fine tune your pathway and keep you right on course as long as you follow what it tells you. Whether I have a large compass, a handmade one, or a small one, if they are all accurate, I can expect a favorable result even though they differ from one another. 

Amelia from True Colour International has truly set the standard for color accuracy with all of the 12 Tones products. Those of us who have been properly draped value the tools she has expertly researched and created. I have seen in person and owned/still own the 12 Tones/Indigo Tones, Invent Your Image and Prism Xii fans. Even though each one interprets my Bright Spring season a bit differently, they are all correct and dovetail nicely with one another. I get to see how Kathryn, Amelia, Kerry, Lisa and Nikki had a vision for my season and made it come to fruition. Yes...each one of the fans differs from brand to brand, but no matter which one I pick up, they ALL work for me and work fantastic. 

My take on the long as the drapes being used accurately represent the hue, chroma and value of each season they are meant for, they can be relied on. They do not have to precisely match the color fields on the fan. 

Drapes represent the extremes of each season. For instance, if I have a set of drapes for True Summer, I will need those that demonstrate the following:

The lightest that seasonal category can go. (Grayed white)
The darkest that seasonal category can go. (Soft charcoal gray)
How cool? (Blue violet)
How warm? (Lemon yellow)
How bright? (Everything is medium intensity)
How soft? (A few colors might on the surface resemble Soft Summer, but when compared are slightly brighter.)

Seasonal color drapes are merely a measuring tool. No one fits neatly into a seasonal category. You may be close to your seasonal neighbor, BUT....if the extremes (namely, the drapes) of a certain season look best on you, this is an excellent guiding point that the seasonal color fan corresponding to it will indeed be your best fit. For this reason, I think that seasonal color drapes often lie just outside the color fans borders and push some boundaries while not crossing into another seasonal category. 

The color fans themselves do not necessarily represent the absolute extremes of our season. They may get close, but they were created for clients to build wardrobes, decorate homes, purchase cosmetics, accessories and jewelry and maybe even find a car! If used properly, just like a compass, they point us in the right direction. So, in my opinion, the answer is no. The fans and the drapes do NOT have to match as long as the drapes being used accurately represent the extremes of the seasonal category they are advertising and the fan is also an accurate representation of the season in question. 

For some beautiful photos of the Indigo Tones seasonal fans and Kathryn Kalisz's original drape materials, please take a look at these photos taken by Nikki Bogardus from Prism Xii:

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