Saturday, March 4, 2017

True Winter No-No's

I think pretty much every woman walking the earth knows which colors do them no favors. For everybody, there are differences, but the "suggestions to avoid" guideposts listed here are rather general. By reviewing this list, hopefully it can give you some light bulb moments if you are a True Winter. 

1) All of your worst colors will be found in the warm and neutral warm seasons:

Bright Spring (Too bright and yellowed on you.)
True Spring (Too bright and orange toned.)
Light Spring (Overly light chalky baby clothes.)
Soft Autumn (Muddy complexion. Sallowness. Fuzzy, flat facial planes.)
True Autumn (Muddy complexion. Even more pronounced sallowness.)
Dark Autumn (Overly warm, with dark shadows on the face.)

2) A basic list of things to AVOID if you are a True Winter:

Gold, bronze, copper or any warm toned metal. 

Brushed finished metals. Polished shine is so much better. 

Lots of things going on at once. Keep it to one color and two neutrals. Solids are way better than patterns. 

The nude makeup trend. It does nothing for you. 

Contour and bronzer. Brown on your face of any kind is a serious mistake. 

Highlights in your hair. It is difficult to get past that yellow stage in your hair and erasing your natural level of contrast (e.g., being brunette but going blonde) would be a complete mistake. 

Gem stones with dull finishes. You look better in stones with clear cut facets. Milky or smoky just doesn't match who you are. 

Faded denim. 

A partial list of your worst colors:

Orange, orange yellow, golden yellow, pea green, military green, terra cotta, soft and powdery colors, muted colors of any kind. Peach, coral, coral pink, gold, salmon, warm greens, warm browns, tan, khaki, cream, beige. 

At this point, if you are a True Winter you may be wondering what the heck is left!!!! Don't next post will give you a list of DO's that only you can get away with!




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  2. First of all let me just say I'm really happy for you now that you've decided to start again, and excited about what new findings you share with us! I've been a reader for a long time and your illustrative and inspired posts have helped me eliminate ten seasons already, I can't thank you enough :)

    Now onto my question/request: do you intent to make posts focusing on how to tell seasons apart? I unfortunately did not save your original "True Winter vs Bright Winter" post, and I'm now down to this two palettes, so it'll help to see a season contrast if possible.

    I check every True Winter "don't" and these are the only colors that really work on me under department store lightening (even a purple lipstick looked amazing!), but I'm still unsure.

  3. Thank you!

    Yes....I do plan on doing comparisons between the seasons in the near future.
    I will write about TW and BW this evening.

    1. Lucky me! Thank you and keep up the good work :)


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