Saturday, March 4, 2017

True Winter: Give A Green Light To These Suggestions.

I have given you a laundry list of things to avoid if you are a True Winter. It more than likely seemed exhaustive, maybe even a bit overwhelming. True Winters have to stay away from the nude/natural look, because it is completely not in tune with them. When you wear your proper cosmetics and clothing you are effectively thumbing your nose at what is "in fashion" or "on trend". Why look like everybody else with their contoured cheekbones and bronzed skin when you can stand out on your own in a good way? 

A list of DO's:

Shiny, clear cut gem stones. If your budget allows, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires will be gorgeous. For those of us with smaller pockets, thank goodness CZ's come in all kinds of different colors! Clear blue topaz and amethyst are also really pretty. 

Polished metal in sterling silver, platinum, white gold. 

Simple designs, like a large "O" shaped lapel pin, a bangle bracelet with small stud earrings, or a solitaire necklace. 

Black and white as neutrals. True gray and clear navy as extensions of your neutrals. 

Wearing one color at a time, or one of your colors head to toe. 

Patent leather. 

Your three best shades of lipstick: true, classic red, clear wine and icy medium pink or violet. 

Your best shade of blush: Icy pink. 

Your best eye shadow: True grays, icy white, black or black-brown eye liner. A dark navy may also work. If you can find it, your icy colors will look great as washes of color over your eye lids. 

Smooth fabrics. You don't do well with anything the least bit rugged. 

Accepting that your natural coloring may not be anything at all like Snow White. When others think of True Winter, that stereotype pops into their head, but since all of us are individual, anything is possible. 

I certainly hope these last few posts have given you food for thought. For more complete information on True Winters, please grab a cup of tea, a snack and head on over to 12blueprints . You will get an in depth explanation of the subtle nuances of your season. 


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