Friday, March 3, 2017

True Winter: The First Foundation.

You might wonder why I call True Winter the First Foundation. The reason why is because this season contains the three primary pigments of pure yellow, red and blue in their truest form. All other colors are made from these three primary colors, along with the addition of white and black, also found in the True Winter palette. 

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The three dimensions of color listed at the bottom are of particular importance. Notice the hue, or general undertone of the palette. It is set all the way to Cool. I would go even farther than that. Try the words, frigid. Icy. Stark. Sleek. Shiny. These are the visual equivalent of below zero weather. 

We begin with snow, pure white, platinum grays, cold, steely ice grays and the deepest, most opaque black you can find. 

Then come the icy colors. Clear lilac, lemon yellow, mint green, icicle blue and blue violet. Unlike pastels that are powdery and soft, these are more like crystal facets. 

The three yellows are all very true, in different tones. I find lemon yellow, which contains a bit of blue, to be very nice on  True Winter. Classic lipstick red makes an appearance along with a clear red wine. 

Clear blue greens, from wintergreen to evergreen are present. Imagine these in a velvet fabric and you get the idea of how elegant they can be. At the end of this grouping is a selection of blues that resembles a frozen lake. 

The pinks, pink violets, and clear plums are very stark and sharp, ranging from light and clear to almost black. Wine berry and cranberry are also present. Blue violet, clear plum and true navy colors give way to blue black and shiny silver. 

Now that we have a good idea of what this palette looks like, based on my current knowledge, what would I do if I woke up tomorrow morning and found out I was a True Winter?

1) I've had many a True Winter (TW) tell me they get a little tired of wearing white and black, but I would have a lot of fun putting together a white and black wardrobe and add a pop of true red, green, hot cool pink and purple to it in the form of accessories or solid color blouses. 

2) I'd buy a pair or two or three of some sterling silver cubic zirconia stud earrings and wear them all of the time. I especially like the piercing studs with the locking backs as they stay in place better than anything. 

3) Shiny black patent leather shoes, white sneakers and white sandals for the Summer weather would all be the basis for footwear. 

4) I'd be on the hunt for a true red lipstick, and get myself a good quality one. This would mean going down to ULTA or Sephora and taking the time to try out swatches, comparing and contrasting. 

5) The rest of my makeup? Easy. I'd take a good look at what Christine from 12blueprints suggests and adapt it to my needs. 

6) If my hair had previous color on it and it looked brassy, I'd go to my hair stylist and get a demi permanent color added in order to more closely match my natural color, then work on growing it out. 

7) Accept that finding Spring and Summer weather clothing is going to be my biggest challenge. Like every other season, you can't always get what you want 24/7/365. 

8) Resist the urge to think that if I am a True Winter, I can automatically wear jet black hair. Only a select few can pull off that feat of magic. I think that messing too much with your natural level of contrast is not necessarily a great idea.

9) Those old fashioned filigree scarf pins that look something like this, either in costume jewelry or cubic zirconia and sterling? I would buy one and enjoy wearing it as my only accessory on an outfit. The Keep It Simply Stylish principle applies here. 

I hope you enjoyed my description of True Winter. For Polyvores and ideas on how to put together a True Winter wardrobe, please feel free to check out Pinterest and discover a plethora of images that will ignite your creativity!!!



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