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True Summer: Cool and Elegant.

I can't go through a discussion about True Winter and complete it without thinking about True Summer. Before I go in depth, let's compare the two:

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Photo: Elea Blake Cosmetics

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Photo: Elea Blake Cosmetics

Both of these seasons are True Cool seasons, meaning they are not influenced by any other color season. You can see that True Summer is more blue-gray and mauve based. True Winter has more red violet and true blue added. True Summer is very medium toned and the colors tend to flow into one another. True Winter's colors are very sharp and contrasting with a greater intensity. 

(If you are deciding between True Summer and True Winter, try wearing primary colors vs. rose pink, blue green and lemon yellow. True Summers will not be able to balance white and black, either. High contrast color combinations will overpower a woman who is a True Summer.)

The first thing I think of when imagining True Summer is a scene like this. Lots of rose, soft fuchsia, cool green, medium purple and blue violet. It is a very soothing palette to look at. There is nothing threatening, harsh, overly energizing or stark about it. It is both classic, yet comforting at the same time. 

In the first couple of rows, we have grays. Unlike True Winter's grays, these have a touch of mauve added to them. True Summer's white is a grayed white, much like a pearl. 

Yellow is an unexpected surprise in a palette as cool as this, but these yellows are more like a cool, muted lemon yellow and not easy to find. 

Next, we arrive at blue toned grays and taupe, giving way to soft blue greens that make for some very eye catching neutral colors. 

There is no red to speak of in the True Summer color grouping. Instead, we have rose pink, pink mauve, berry and muted wine. Mauve, cooler rose pinks and a softer plum violet round out the True Summer lipstick and blush shades. 

A wide selection of blue greens appears, reminding us of spring water flowing over rounded stones, from a gentle mint green to a cool jade. 

The blue of late spring flowers and lavender along with dark blue violet complete the color selections in the True Summer palette. In looking at this palette, you can almost imagine the scent of lavender enveloping it. 

With all of these things in mind, what would I do if I woke up tomorrow AM as a True Summer?

1) Find just two shades of lipstick. One in a medium mauve pink and another one in wine. The Everyday Beauty really went into great detail to find some great lipsticks, so I'd start researching her information. 

2) Forget about collecting eye shadow palettes. Since coolness is my most important defining factor in my coloring, I would take my fan with me and purchase shadow singles. Pearl white, some mauve toned grays, a soft navy or charcoal pencil would do for starters. 

3) Accept that blush is going to be hard, since most of it is either too bright or brown based. With that, I would head on over to Elea Blake Cosmetics , give them a call at their number and let the color expert on the phone know what I needed....ordering samples of as many things as I can get my hands on before ordering full sizes. 12blueprints also has a cosmetics line and I would visit that website for ordering information. 

4) Soft white t shirts and jeans would be a big part of my wardrobe, with some rose pink, cool blue, gray and plum t shirts. 

5) A classic string of pearls with a silver or white gold clasp and a sterling silver statement ring would be basic pieces in my jewelry collection. 

6) Chances are good, I would more than likely have unwanted warmth in my hair if I had previously colored it. Now would be the time to make the transition to my natural color. Granted, the transition will not exactly be very easy, and I may have to find an experienced colorist, but getting rid of the brassiness would be my top priority. As a consequence, Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo would be in my bathroom. 

7) Begin the process of putting together clothing that will work for me. The more muted seasons have an easy time with a mix and match wardrobe.  

True Summer "must do's":

Soft white is a nice warm weather neutral. 

Tumbled gemstones like cool jade, amethyst and rose quartz. Moonstone is also gorgeous. 

Blue topaz. 

Jeans. I'd more than likely have a large collection of jeans, being careful to steer clear of styles that have yellow stitching or brassy hardware.

One really good quality mauve gray handbag that will go with anything. 

Watercolor prints.

Angora knits. They look beautiful in True Summer colors. 
Brushed, textured or filigreed metal finishes. 
Silver metal detailing on shoes and handbags. 

In my True Winter post, I separated the "no-no's" into another post, but for the sake of brevity and consolidation, I will go ahead and list the "oh, no's!" right here. 

All of your worst colors will be found in the neutral warm and warm seasons. 

True Winter (makes the complexion look 10 years older.)
Bright Winter (too brilliant and blue/yellow)
Bright Spring (too brilliant and yellow)
True Spring  (too brilliant and yellow, causing sallowness.)
Light Spring (sallow face, fuzzy, doughy facial planes)
Soft Autumn (earthy and heavy)
True Autumn (like throwing mud on a bed of roses.)
Dark Autumn (harsh, too warm, causing sallowness
Dark Winter (harsh, pinched and heavy)

Soft Summer and Light Summer might not necessarily be that bad on you, but they won't be quite as magical as True Summer will. Soft Summer might be too dark, Light Summer may not be dark enough to give you definition. 

Things to avoid:

Gold, bronze, copper, warm metals. 
Heavy jewelry
Anything with an even remotely heavy warm base tone. 
Bright colors, especially in an animated pattern. 
Anything large, shiny or "loud". 
Black and especially black eye wear. 

Orange, orange yellow, golden yellow, warm greens, terra cotta, bronze, warm browns, primary colors, cream, tan, warm beige, very dark colors, high contrast color combinations, peach, coral, red orange. 

Really try to go with your natural hair color. If you are going gray, embrace and enjoy it. There is nothing better for your complexion than your (to you) "mousey" hair. It will not look mousey alongside your color palette. Anything warmer than what you can handle is going to look like a wig. 

Avoid highlights, unless they are done in a way that looks natural and soft. No bright yellow, please. Attempting to be a redhead will be the worst thing you can do to yourself. If you are a natural redhead or blonde, don't touch a good thing. 

Bronzer, contour powder, brightly colored eye shadow, black or warm brown eye liner, cosmetics colors that veer off into the Soft seasons or light candy toned colors won't work on your face. Be very picky and stick with the colors in your fan. I would suggest picking up the True Summer corporate palette for an expansion of your choices. 

This is by no means a complete list of "must avoids", but it should at least get you started. For more complete information on all things True Summer, click here and begin your expedition. 

True Summer is one of those lovely seasons so many women wish they were, but in reality only about 25% of the general population are True Seasons. In my next installment, we discover the rarest season of all.....True Spring. 



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