Tuesday, March 7, 2017

True Spring: A Season of Optimism and Delight

Of every one of the 12 seasonal categories, True Spring is the rarest of them all. Some color analysts have said they have yet to come across someone who is a True Spring. 

This is the one season so many people in the Northern hemisphere look forward to experiencing, especially if Winter has been long, cold and harsh. The transition into True Spring via Bright Winter and Bright Spring has passed. The snow and ice are long gone and the cold spells have said their goodbyes until Autumn begins to arrive. 
The pure yellow sunshine and budding grass along with new flowers popping up are a source of joy. Our thoughts begin meditating on tropical blooms!

The True Spring Color Pallet~ please do take in to consideration that the colors may vary slightly from the original due to the translation from the canvas to your computer screen.:

Photo: Elea Blake Cosmetics

Pure sunshine yellow is the base tone to these colors. They are not at maximum brightness, but they are quite saturated and lively. 

We begin with a creamy white, like meringue. True Springs need some yellow in their white to look balanced. Yellowed tans and clear yellow beige make for some great neutral tones. 

The grays have a decidedly warm undertone to them and care must be taken to match those grays as closely as possible. A little bit too cool can be detrimental to the complexion. 

Peachy beige and beige browns round out the collection of True Spring neutral tones. Note that these are clear medium to light in tone, not earthy or heavy. 

Marigold, sunshine yellows and yellow orange are replicas of the optimistic sun-in-the-sky feeling. 

Many great lipstick and blush shades to be had are here....orange, orange coral, clear peach, melon, watermelon red, poppy, orange red and warm pink. 

New grass green, yellow green, true green, a warm minty green and several beautiful tropical water blue greens make  a showing. 

To round things out, we have a selection of bright sky blues and clear blue violet. 

If I woke up tomorrow AM and found out I was a True Spring, I would do the following:

Get rid of any white or black in my closet. It just won't work on my complexion. 

Purchase a highlighting palette, making sure the colors in it are warm and bright, no darker than my lightest hair color tone. Pick up a melon or peach blush, being careful it is not earthy or heavy looking. 

Ditch the black mascara and dark eye liner. Wear a nice brown mascara instead. 

Get three shades of lipstick, a true orange, a warm medium red and a melon pink. 

Clinique Happy cologne or perfume. There is something about it that shouts "Spring" to me. 

Find a nice yellow dress and add accessories to it. While I am at it, a yellow green, clear peach and a warm red one would be nice. 

Gold strappy sandals and a handbag to match. 

Warm tan shorts, pants and a skirt. 

Find a lovely cream toned silk blouse and use it as  a wardrobe basic. 

Enjoy combining a few or several colors together, particularly complimentary pairs. Spring is quite animated. 

"To Do's" for True Spring:

Shiny, light gold jewelry. 
Clear cut gemstones like citrine, yellow topaz, padparadscha, clear peridot. 
Warm toned opals
Warm white pearls. 
Small yellow diamond earrings, or yellow CZ set in a gold toned metal. 
Highly polished copper or bronze.
Turquoise, light jade and coral.

Light, frothy warm neutrals, going no darker than a medium brown. 

Khaki pants, blue jeans that are lighter in feel with yellow stitching. 

Beachy blonde highlights or red highlights in the hair for fun. 

A little bit of sparkle and sheen. 

Fabrics that have a bit of shine, from a pearl finish to shiny satin as long as the design does not look too heavy. 

Crisp cotton, fun patterns, a warm tropical "beach" feeling. 

Please do NOT's:

Bright is good, but too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. 
Darkess will be your mortal enemy. It will be very aging and heavy on you. 
Silver, white gold and platinum jewelry. 
Dull, brushed finishes. 
Earthy, heavy, weighted styles. 
Anything cool, stark and contrasting. 

Your worst colors:

Dark Winter (heavy, cold and aging)
True Winter (harsh, sharp, unforgiving)
True Summer (may gray you down and look dull)
Bright Winter (bright and cold)
Light Summer (too cool and too pale)
Soft Summer (cool and heavy)
Soft Autumn (muddy)
True Autumn (heavy and brassy)
Dark Autumn (dark, quite harsh and aging.)

Light Spring and Bright Spring might be close second seasons for you, with Bright Spring just a tad overwhelming and cool.... Light Spring being too blue toned and pale. 

Colors to avoid:

Black white, cool pink, cool blues and purples, earthy colors, grays, silver, pastels, icy light colors, blue reds, lemon yellows, berry tones, cranberry, amethyst, rose pink, dark colors of all kinds, terra cotta, dark teal, orchid. 

To further expand on this information and learn even more, please click here and here to better understand all of the finer points of the True Spring season. 

I  hope you enjoyed this missive on True Spring! If you are one, you are indeed a very rare flower. 




  1. Oh how I love this palette! I have a huge case of color envy when it comes to the makeup, how lovely it must be to suit orange and hot coral lipstick.

    No black&white or silver, though, I couldn't live like that!

  2. After living as a cool summer for decades ( although I had reservations), I was surprised to discover I am a warm spring, with true spring as a secondary. I like your basics list. Know any melon pink lipsticks?

  3. Genuine Edge, True Spring is actually the same as Warm Spring, i.e. they are used interchangeably, some systems use one and some the other... I don't know of any system that would use *both*, and if such exists, I'm not sure what would be the difference...?


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