Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Nude Look In Cosmetics Trend....Should You, Or Should You Not? It All Depends.......

The nude look  in cosmetics has been very big within the last few years. Back in the late 1908's, going au naturel was quite popular and a welcome respite from purple and pink eye shadow with bubblegum lips. The unfortunate thing about the makeup that was seen everywhere from Melrose Place to Baywatch is, not everyone can create a reasonable imitation of it and look their best. 

There are some distinct advantages to "going nude", and they are the following:

1) Appropriate for every situation, from professional to bridal. 

2) Very easy to find cosmetics. Just about every brand offers a plethora of products to achieve this look.

3) The colors can be very mix and match. 

4) For a beginner who is not accustomed to working with cosmetics, applying nude colors is pretty forgiving. 

The disadvantages are:

1) Can be quite mainstream and boring looking (or worse) on the woman whose coloring demands more vibrancy. 

2) If you aren't careful, your makeup collection can grow like crazy since items from this color scheme is plentiful.

3) Can be a challenge to find the right undertone that will work with your skin type. 

There are indeed women out there who can "go naked" day in and day out while looking fabulous at the same time. This is because they know what undertones are their best as per point #3, which comes about through trial and error. 

We will go through the 12 seasons to figure out who this special woman could be. (HINT: If your best color palette does not contain any brown, the nude makeup trend is likely not your best bet.)

True Winter: Brown is not present, with the exception of a very dark taupe toned brown. Your palette is contrasting, icy, clear and primary. Since nude colors tend to be muted and warm, there will be a distinct dissonance between that and what you require to look balanced, which are pure tones with lots of definition. VERDICT: Avoid. 

Bright Winter: Brown is also not at all in your palette. You need colors which are crystalline, clear, brilliant and showy. Anything earthy, soft or gentle in tone will be your downfall....the color version of your kryptonite, especially since your skin tone loves jewel tones. VERDICT: Avoid. 

Bright Spring: Your neutral colors are warmer than Bright Winter. Your palette is very sunny, clear and intense. Much like your Bright Winter sister, soft colors on your face will just make you look tired and undefined. VERDICT: Avoid. 

True Spring: Warm, clear and optimistic looking with a tropical, beachy vibe is how your palette colors appear. Not as vibrant as your Bright Spring compatriot, True Spring needs a good amount of intensity without crossing over into the great divide of Winter. Should you decide to wear your more neutral tones, keep them on your eyes and as bronzer. 
Your lips need color, so stay away from nude lipsticks. VERDICT: Proceed with caution! Bronzer and contour sure to match your palette exactly! 

Light Spring:  Pastel and delicate yet possessing a certain amount of clarity, your palette is like a breath of fresh air. Anything even remotely heavy will weigh you down and muddy your complexion quickly. Even your neutral colors contain sunshine. Nude makeup will not look like it belongs on you. VERDICT: Avoid.

Light Summer: Iridescent, watercolor and refreshing, the neutral tones you have in your palette have a mauve base to them. If you do experiment with nude colors, there has to be enough pink in the base tone in order to pull them off. Even then, it would be all too easy to creep into Soft Summer, which is too heavy for you to carry. VERDICT: Avoid. 

True Summer: Cool, muted and ladylike, warmth of any kind is most unwelcome in the English garden that is the very embodiment of your palette. Most nude tones will be too warm for you to go near, especially since the majority of your neutral tones are blue gray or mauve gray. VERDICT: Avoid. 

Soft Summer: Gentle and elegant with a hint of earthiness, your palette is neutral cool in tone. For some of you, coolness will be of paramount importance. Others of you can carefully tread around the boundaries of Soft Autumn. When choosing nude makeup colors, stick to the rosy or cool side of the spectrum. VERDICT: You get the green light....just stay pink/rosy toned. No "lips like concealer" please. 

Soft Autumn: Restful, grounded and inviting, your colors are neutral/warm and quite soft. Since True Autumn is making an influence in your colors, terra cotta, burnt gold and pebble colored tans are making inroads. Be choosy and stick with cosmetics that are the correct undertone...not too pink, yet not too warm.  You can freely use bronzer and contour, taking care not to go too heavy. VERDICT: Green light.....use your palette as a guideline to choosing the correct undertone. NO "lips like concealer" please. 

True Autumn: Hot, metallic and bronzed, makeup colors for you are very easy to find. So many women love purchasing True Autumn cosmetics, but very few look good in them. Only you can look your best in copper lipstick and terra cotta blush with gold bronzer powders and chocolate brown eye liner. Going too muted can be the problem here. Stick closely with your palette colors for best results. VERDICT: Green light. NO "lips like concealer" please. 

Dark Autumn: Deep, jewel toned and sultry, more vibrant colors are making an appearance since Winter is beginning to make a debut. Your best cosmetic look contains some "darkness around the edges", as in a deeper espresso eyeliner with some black/brown mascara and a warm plum lipstick. The nude look on you will fall flat. have lots of neutrals in your palette, but wearing these alone creates no visual interest. You need your "color" colors, too. 
VERDICT: Proceed with caution. Keep your cheek color and lip colors more rich. 

Dark Winter: Cold and contrasting with a rustic edge, the Dark Winter palette edges even closer to True Winter. Only the deepest espresso browns can be seen. Tan, taupe, warm browns and nutty browns have been frozen completely over and blackened by the icy weather. Dark Winter women really look their best in those Winter wine, plum and berry colors. Browns tend to look muddy and messy on their complexions. VERDICT: Avoid. 

I hope this helps you make a decision as to whether the ever popular"naked face" is something you can wear easily, or a look you need to steer clear from. 



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  1. The "nude look" is IMO one of the silliest trends ever - it suits very few, if any (as is evident from this post, too) ;) I mean especially the "nude" lipstick trend - for most women, those colours are lighter than their lip colour, which makes exactly the very unflattering "lips like concealer" effect. The "MLBB" lip look is better by far, much more natural, so in fact it's much closer to a "no-makeup look" than any nude tones could ever be (for most people)!


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