Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reader Request: The Differences Between True Winter and Bright Winter.

I have a deep love for Winter seasons. Drama, contrast, glamour, sparkle, clarity and being in the spotlight are all qualities the Winter palettes possess. You can indulge in minimalism by centering your wardrobe on one color with black and white as accents...maybe a touch of gray. Or, you can partake freely of jewel tones nobody else could wear with any form of authenticity. 

Two seasons that are very close, as most neighbors on the 12 Tones palettes tend to be, are True and Bright Winter. 

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Photos: Lisa K. Ford Invent Your Image.com

At first glance it looks like this...."OH....one palette is just a continuation of the next one." But....look closely. The Three Dimensions of Color reveal some clues. 

In True Winter, the hue is absolutely cool, the value is medium and the chroma is medium bright. 

With Bright Winter, the hue begins moving away from Cool and approaches Neutral territory. This is because there is more red and yellow injected into the palette.
The value is medium and the chroma is turned all the way up to Bright. True Winter approaches the 75% mark. Bright Winter goes from 90%-100%. 

True Winter is absolute. Coolness....rather, an ice cold frozen feeling is the most important factor in the palette. No excess yellow, no orange or coral, no lime greens and certainly no gold are welcome within its realm. Go the least bit too warm and bright and you can count on your face looking like it has some oily patches. 

Bright Winter is the lighter of the two. A bit of brilliant sunshine peers through. Yes, the contrast is high, as all three Winters tend to be, but color and intensity at full throttle become the defining factor. Here, coral red, bright lime green, warmer brilliant yellows and true greens with a cool edge make their debut. 

If you are deciding between True Winter and Bright Winter, what guideposts serve as a help?

True Winter pinks are very cool and icy. Find a shade of medium cool pink lipstick that is on the intense side and see how it looks. If you are Bright Winter, try on a bright strawberry toned red. 

True Winters for the most part balance black and white better than anyone else I know. A Bright Winter may need to add in a bright color or two to pull this off. 

True Winters can't get away with gold anything at all, at any time. Bright Winters can wear a shiny polished gold. 

Bright Winters can wear color palettes that are a bit more animated. True Winters thrive on simplicity. 

Both seasons can wear shine. I find that True Winter looks better in patent leather shine. Bright Winter can wear sparkle like no one else. 

The cool grays of True Winter will look almost cement like on a Bright Winter. Conversely, the slightly warmer white will make a True Winter look a little bit sallow around the edges. 

As far as True Winter goes, it is easy for the complexion to appear sallow or yellowed in the wrong colors. Bright Winters have a little more leeway, unless they veer too far into Bright Spring territory. 

True Winters can handle some darkness. Bright Winters have less in the way of dark tolerance and the lower part of the face can look a bit shadowed. 

Here are a couple of lovely wardrobe collages that do a great job of illustrating the differences:

Bright Winter

True Winter

These makeup palettes created by Christine Scaman of 12blueprints serve as a great comparison between the two, with Dark Winter on the left. This may be of help to you when shopping for cosmetics to test. 

True and Bright Winter are such dramatic and beautiful palettes. If you are able to wear either one of these selections of colors, it will be impossible for you to be anywhere else but center stage!




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  3. This is surely very helpful for Winters, but I would love a post for those trying to decide between True and Dark Autumn :) I've more or less exhausted all the other resources for that...


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