Monday, March 13, 2017

Prism XII: Color Products

I happen to think it is a good idea to collect color fans from different companies. It gives you a great overview of your palette. One particular brand may suit your tastes and preferences more than another. One of my absolute favorites is the Indigo Tones plumes . They are fuller in size than the 12 Tones fans, but being made of embroidery and heavy cloth, they can be hand washed in cold water with a very mild, diluted detergent. 

Another great color fan I have found useful is the Prism XII palettes and palette accessories. I have purchased some of the accessories and will share with you my thoughts. 

The palette accessories are very reasonably priced. They arrived to me in a padded envelope with a very nice hand written message, which I thought was a lovely touch. 
The smaller color cards came with a plastic credit card style see through sheath. Everything else was wrapped in clear cellophane. 

The paper these are made of has a very shiny surface, which makes them a bit more stain resistant. My strong suggestion is to get them laminated, that way they are even more rigid and impervious to makeup or anything else that might get on them during the course of their lifespan. 

 iPhone Color Guide: (Please note: I inserted this in a clear Casemate and I have a Galaxy Note 5 phone, which is larger than the iPhone 7 this is meant for.) I elected not to laminate the phone card because I knew it would remain inside the case. The card has not moved or shifted position because the case fits snugly, and the bonus is, the camera is not obstructed. 

The second item I received is the pocket guide to color harmony. 

Next is the lipstick color guide.

Finally, I purchased one of the Top 10 Cards that shows you your "WOW" colors which are not of the neutral tone variety. This card is also credit card sized:

Out of all of these products, I particularly like the phone card. When out shopping, if you are carrying a small handbag and don't have extra space for your palette, this gives a very quick at-a-glance look at colors for the purpose of comparing. All you have to do is lay a garment down flat, place the phone on top of it and get a visual "Yes" or "No" verdict. Easy!!

Lipstick is the hardest thing to get right. All have different levels of opacity, undertones and formulae. The lipstick color guide saves a lot of fiddling around. You can see immediately how warm, cool, light or dark your range is. 

The pocket guide to color harmony is something I like to keep at my makeup table. It helps choose complimentary colors, or assists in fine-tuning a look that will better harmonize with your outfit of the day. If you don't have the $$ for a fan, this is such a great tool to have, as you will be able to carry this in your purse. 

The top 10 colors card will really be a big help when getting ready to purchase new Summer t-shirts, casual wear and accessories. It also gives your eyes an immediate reference as to your "fun" colors. 

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, I would get the iPhone Color Guide and the lipstick color guide. Everything else are merely nice extras that a color junkie would really enjoy having in their collection. 

Nikki Bogardus created some very useful color products that are a joy to use. As a nice addition, the prices are very reasonable, so you won't break the bank!

If you decide to use these tools, they will help your eyes learn how to see your seasonal category in a new and very convenient light!



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  1. These look like great value, and I am planning to buy the pocket guides to color harmony for the two seasons I'm vacillating between (True and Dark Autumn). :)

    But I must say the lipstick guides look a bit off to me in those seasons - they are not the colors that look best on me by a mile, especially the lower row of very dark colors... And no red to speak of for either, which I find odd! (Of course it might be a monitor issue, but I can only judge by how those colors look to me on that site, of course.)


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