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My Color Story (Encore)

In the previous version of this blog, I told my story about my color and style journey. If you have read it before, please feel free to skip this posting. If not, I hope that what I have experienced rings some bells for you. 

It was my Junior year of high school and Color Me Beautiful was still a popular book. I dare say, it was the most popular beauty-related book in print in the 80's. Several girls in school had a copy of it nestled in among their textbooks. As soon as I was able, I purchased a copy, taken in by the beautiful photographs and the rectangles of colors. I had a very hard time finding myself in this book. I knew without doubt I was not an Autumn. That was a given. Summer? HM. Maybe....but I knew I could not wear powdery pastels, and mauve/mauve pink was by far NOT good on me. 

The two seasons I liked were Winter and Spring. I spent much of the time I was in school wearing black, white, red, fuchsia, pink, purple, turquoise and teal green. Looking back at it, some of my favorite outfits were brightly colored with some animated patterns, but most of the time I preferred to hide in solid colors. 

Fast forward about three years..... I got my first real job and had a little bit of dispensable income, I went to JC Penney and received my first color draping. Within just a few minutes, the consultant said I was a Spring and sent me on my way with a swatch booklet, with no real instructions on how to use it. The experience seemed kind of rushed. I did give the Spring colors a try, but many of them did not work for me....yellow green, orange/peach and the warmer end of it caused sallowness. 

Round two, a month or so later....Color One was also popular at the time. However, that method for me was a fail. The consultant went by my outer coloring and selected a palette for me that was a match to Soft Summer and Soft Autumn. It did not take long for me to realize the muted colors she gave me, though nice and harmonious together, did nothing at all for me except make me feel depressed and dull. 

Not long after that, I got draped at Merle Norman by a really nice lady who was trained with the 16 Season Color Me A Season method. We both came to the mutual decision I was a Snowfrost Winter (Winter color type with light brown/dark blonde hair and blue eyes/fair skin.) The old familiar colors of my teens were gifted to me again. I also took the time to be trained in draping with this method, but never pursued it as a career. I kept the cloth swatch fan the consultant gave me for many, many years until the thing finally wore out. 

At that point, after a quest lasting from my teens until the time I was 25, I felt as at home with my colors as I could be, so I forgot about it and just lived happily with my black, white, red, fuchsia, pink, purple, turquoise and teal green. 

Fast forward to my early 40's. I'm sitting at home, doing some reading on the internet and find a website forum called Seasonal Color on It really had me completely intrigued. Beset by curiosity, in very short order I scheduled a draping via. the Sci/ART method and after a lengthy process, the season chosen for me was True Summer. Soon after, I joined Facebook and met a great group of ladies who had been through journeys similar to mine. 

I thought that would be the end of it, but it instead became the very beginning of a learning experience that would last me about 3+ years. 

I tried and tried to make True Summer work, but the cosmetics had a mauve/brown base to them that did NOT look good on me. I felt tired and depressed. When I saw how great the True Summer women looked in their palette and that I did not look anything like them, it was time to re-evaluate. It did not help matters that I was CONSTANTLY rebelling and cheating on my palette with brighter colors. I knew something was off....but did not know what that was. 

(Both of my eyes in person are slightly different colors. True Summer makes the 
color difference much more pronounced. The overly cool eye shadow 
and mauve pink blush have no hope of blending in. )

After 18 months of trying to make True Summer fit, it was time for a second opinion. Then, a third. 

The second time I was (hurriedly) draped, Light Summer was chosen for me. Certainly, it was an improvement, but it wasn't enough! The colors, though beautiful, were too light for me, too powdery and some of them had a mauve base to it I could not handle. The "bright rebellion" continued, particularly with nail polish and lipstick.

                                   (You can really see how my neck and chin melt into
                                              a fuzzy, irritating haze in Light Summer. My face 
                                              looks very doughy and rounded.)

I waited about six months and thought....."OK. I am going to do this (get another consultation done) again one. more. time. If it doesn't work, I am going to throw the whole seasonal color system out the window and live the rest of my life in bright colors!!"

I got in touch with Lisa K. Ford of Invent Your Image , and when the Big Day came, she walked me through a very thorough draping and helped me discover something I knew about myself....the whole "bright rebellion" thing was a part of my inner compass pointing me in the right direction!! (If you want to read the story, please click here. ) I accepted the Bright Spring result on the spot....but not until I was driving home did the shock and (happy) disbelief set in. 

Once I gave the Bright Spring palette a try (Man! I wanted to be Bright Winter SO bad!!!), THAT'S when everything began falling into place. The amount of makeup I wore got cut in half because the colors I was choosing were now correct. Shopping for clothing became a lot more fun. The hair I thought was so dull and mousey really wasn't....not in my correct palette colors. I have since grown it out. 

Finally, after all of this time, the pieces of the puzzle began falling into place and, for the first time, everything about my outer image and appearance made sense!!

                                            Photo: Lisa K. Ford Invent Your Image Copyright 2014
                                           (BAM! Somebody turned the lights on!!!)

Less than a year later, I had another consultation done by Rachel Nachmias who practices the 12 Blueprints method of color analysis and it reinforced the Bright Spring category for me. I had this consultation for the benefit of my readers and also to fine tune things. It was fantastic to see again the "nuts and bolts" of why Bright Spring worked and that both the 12blueprints and the True Colour International methods, done properly, work fantastic. 

                               Photo: Rachel Nachmias Best Dressed US  Copyright 2015

I apologize in advance for the length of this post....if you have stuck with me this far, thank you for taking the time to read my story! I hope your color and style journey culminate in success. The important thing is never, ever to give up! 



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  1. I think mauve is the telltale color. My eye loves it, but - it does not love me! The mutedness is the problem. A clear pink is just fine.

    I think color analysis is often difficult. We are all individuals and don't necessarily fit in a category easily.


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