Friday, March 3, 2017

A New Beginning......Starting Over, And A Welcome To All!

Broken photo links. 

Disappearing images.

Posts that were no longer relevant, due to learning new things.

Finding out the seasonal category of both myself and many other women I have spoken with changed drastically after later discovering the truth.

Coming to the realization that the more I know, the more I don't know!!!

For these reasons and many more, I decided to hit the RESET button. I did not take the thought of starting over from square one very lightly, but felt it was necessary. 

This blog is still very much going to be about color and how it relates to our outer and inner being. Beauty, discovering your personal style and shopping for cosmetics will also play a major role in how things shape up around here. 

For those of you who are rather alarmed (read: shocked!) at me nuking everything like I did, don't worry. Future posts will be based on the knowledge I have now....and not the knowledge I had 3+ years ago. 

I never tire of talking about the 12 seasons. We'll start with the True seasons again, and go around the seasonal clock piece by piece. I really believe finding your palette is the main foundation. It is the building block on which your image and appearance hinges. Do I guarantee you will conclusively find your palette by reading what I will be writing? I can't guarantee that, but I'm hoping my words will again provide some ideas and encouragement. 

My posts used to be very image heavy. In a way, this was great because you could readily see what I was talking about. However, two days, two weeks or two months later, the "red X in a box" shows up where a link has been broken. This is a source of frustration to both myself and to my readers, especially when doing a search. It is much safer to hotlink things, that way you aren't forced to see an image that is not relevant to you and/or keeps your imagination intact if you prefer.

I would also like to be a bit more interactive with you. Should you have a subject you would like me to discuss, please email me at I will ask permission and omit your name before posting your inquiry here. 

This is indeed a new beginning. Stay tuned!!!



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