Friday, 20 January 2017

Bright Season Eye Shadow....Why So Tough??

If you have been draped a Bright season, there is one drawback to it, if you can call it that. 

Eye shadow is TOUGH to come by.

I have theories as to what the problem is regarding eye shadows for the Bright seasons. 

1) Soft Summer and Soft Autumn are the two most popular color categories that makeup companies cater to, with Dark Autumn following not far behind. 

2) With #1 in mind, the undertone color of MOST eye shadows is either an earthy orange brown or mauve. If you are a Bright season, those two colors are among your worst. Colors with those undertones won't work....they will look muddy or ashy on a Bright face. 

3) There is a lot of customer demand for the more muted end of the 12 seasons palette, from True Summer to Dark Winter. Wearable, professional looks come from that end of the spectrum and are what a lot of women gravitate to, whether they are a more muted season, or not. 

4)  Bright colored eye shadow somehow looks very distracting and over the top. Fun for a costumey look, but not so wearable in real life. Definitely not something you would wear to the office. If you have blue or green eyes, bright eye shadow right next to your eye color will make it look very dull and dishwater like. Not a flattering look. 

My solution for myself is to wear gold, as in a nice clear light gold. Stila eye shadow single in Kitten is a really good mainstay. I also enjoy wearing a light pearl ivory white, warm chocolate brown with golden flecks and medium gold, as long as it does not have a heavy look to it. Revlon Rustic #523 has been in heavy rotation in my makeup collection. 

Image result for stila eye shadow kitten

Image result for revlon rustic

When I was a lot younger, I loved wearing an allover shade of a clear lilac on my lids. It had some shimmer/frost added to it. You may find as a Bright season, that matte anything just won't look will look chalky and flat on you. 
The shade I would be inclined to pick for myself is MAC Beautiful Iris. I would couple that with some clear navy eye liner a la MAC Petrol Blue. Being a "cool" toned Bright Spring, this worked nicely on me. 

Image result for beautiful iris mac

Image result for MAC petrol blue

I know that grays are popular neutral colors for Bright seasons, but I don't personally recommend wearing them on the eye area. Neutrals are meant to be coupled with our brighter colors for interest. Gray around the eyes, even if it is the correct undertone, is just a blah look. 

I happen to love black brown eye liner. If it has a warm undertone to it, all the better. Bobbi Brown Black Scotch and Bronze are quite pretty. 

Image result for bobbi brown scotch

If you are a Bright Winter and obviously can't wear all of this brown and gold, I highly suggest looking at your icy pastel strip for inspiration. Sheer washes of those colors on your lids along with some clear crystal white and black eye liner can look dramatic, without being crazy. Bright Springs can also follow this suggestion. 

Image result for bright winter pastels

On that note, MAC Forgery and Crystal Avalanche can be nice colors to try. The trend right now is towards holographic eye shadows. Try them out, if not on the whole lid, as accents in the tear duct or for a highlight below the brows. 

Image result for mac crystal avalanche

There are upsides and downsides to each seasonal category. Eye shadow just happens to be the bugaboo of the Bright season categories. Fortunately, the bright lipstick trend has been going full steam ahead, so we can take comfort in knowing at least something is easy!



Saturday, 14 January 2017

Jen Thoden: Color Expert. Her Simplified Version of Color Analysis

Jen Thoden is someone you would immediately love to sit and have a cup of tea with. She has a soft, yet sunny demeanor that immediately puts you at ease. If you have been looking for your seasonal category or for style advice, it is likely you have ended up discovering her website at some point. For those of you who have not seen her little spot in cyberspace, please click here.

She has crystallized color theory into two parts:

Bright and Muted. 

It really does not get any simpler than this!

She developed two color wheels that mimic the Munsell color system in a beautiful mandala type of circle. I am going to list the benefits of her simplified system:

1) You do NOT have to limit yourself to one of the 12 seasonal palettes. 

2) If you have found over time that certain colors from other sister seasonal categories look nice on you, it expands your choices. 

3) Rather than doing endless comparing and contrasting, you can choose from one or the other palettes. If the Muted palette does not work, no problem! Go right to the Bright palette and experiment. 

4) If you are getting sick of using your color fan, her method gives you a lot more flexibility and freedom. 

5) The cost is very affordable, and a great entry point for beginners to the world of color and style. 

6) If you live in a small area where there might not be any consultants within a wide radius, I recommend starting with Jen's information. You have a good shot at starting off on the right track. 

For those of you who are looking to be beautiful on a budget, she has a $27.00 option that not only helps you use your color wheel, but assists in putting together a capsule wardrobe and so much more. 

There is also a YouTube channel to help you get acquainted with Jen and learn more about her methodology. 

I plan on giving this a try and will report back with what I find! Already I can tell you, sticking with the Bright color wheel has made things so much easier for me when it comes to shopping. That in itself is a big plus!

As always, I am not in any way affiliated with her company....I'm just passing along information you may find useful on your journey with the hope that it gives you some insight. 



Monday, 9 January 2017

BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche.....My Review

It is not every day I come across a cosmetics product I am REALLY in love with, especially at a more premium price point. I have to honestly say, BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick delivers. At $26, it is a bit of an investment, but if you find a really great Holy Grail color for yourself, it's worth it. Please is a Sephora exclusive brand. If you don't want to collect a whole drawer full of lipsticks and just want one (or two, or three!) I would give the Amuse Bouche series a look, especially if you are the "quality over quantity" type of girl. 

The packaging is very straightforward and utilitarian looking as well as light in weight. You won't have a heavy gold metal bullet weighing down your purse. 

Related image

Just like everything else, certain shades get rotated out or discontinued, so you will have to check the website often for shade availability. I own Pickled Ginger, Kimchi and Cayenne. I can honestly say, the formula is consistent from color to color if I have to go by what I currently own. 

The pigmentation is OUTSTANDING!!! If you want something very opaque that will totally cover your natural lip color with a minimum of shine (I would call these satin rather than a true matte), these will be nice options. As a result, they do have a bit of a heavy feel to them, so be aware of that. 

The best way I can describe the scent is slightly herbal and a bit on the sweet side. It's not obnoxious by any means. These glide onto the lips with ease. They won't drag or skip....something common with slightly drier formulas. 

If you decide not to wear lip liner, these are not feather proof, but feather resistant. Of course, if you have oil on your salad for lunch all bets are off even with the best of lipsticks, but I was impressed with Amuse Bouche. It seemed to stay in place quite well. On a particularly busy day at work, I did not reapply Pickled Ginger and it still looked great after my shift was over. 

For a more detailed color list and recommendations for each available shade (as of the writing of Cate's post), please click here for more details. 

For more information on the BITE company, please visit this link

After purchasing a few shades, I can certainly see why so many beauty gurus want to collect the entire range! It is indeed THAT good!



Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Olaplex.....Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Olaplex has been the biggest thing to hit the hair care industry since sliced bread. There are two types of Olaplex:

1) The professional grade 3 step kit.

2) The retail Step 3 that can be used at home.

So, how does this product work? To put it simply, it rebuilds the damaged internal structure of the hair. Stylists love to use this while performing color or highlight services because it protects the interior of the hair shaft. 

If you wish to read a much more scientific explanation of how Olaplex works, please click on this link. It will give you a very in depth overview of how it works. 

I have used this product many times in the salon, and I have to say, it does indeed work. Is it a miracle worker? I would not go that far.....but as far as a good rebuilding deep conditioning treatment, it is very effective. Over time and over the course of a few treatments, it does indeed make the hair look better and feel better. What is essential is an effective hair care routine in between treatments to keep the results maintained. 

Many colorists are led to believe that Olaplex allows you to "push the limits". Lift the hair to a lighter a more complex color correction....take dark hair to platinum.

Olaplex is indeed a great product! No doubt about that one. I would not want to be in a salon setting without it, because it does have it's uses. That being said, Olaplex DOES NOT give you a license to abuse your hair with reckless abandon. 
Once hair turns into that mushy, gummy stage, there is no turning back from it, other than cutting it off. 

I recommend using the Step #3 at home once a week for maintenance, especially if your hair is dry and brittle. 

Here are the instructions:

1) Shampoo once with a good clarifying shampoo. 
2) Rinse. 
3) Towel dry and apply Olaplex Step #3. 
4) Let it set for about 5 minutes. 
5) Shampoo with moisturizing shampoo and rinse. 
6) Condition with an instant conditioner and rinse. 

To sum it up, Olaplex is a great product. Other companies have tried to replicate their success, but have failed on that point. Stick with the original, in this case. 

Here is a video on YouTube testing the various available "plex" style products side by side. 

Try it out and see how it works!



Monday, 2 January 2017

One Big Beauty Secret: Dry Skin Brushing.

This is such an inexpensive thing to do. The benefits are really worth it in the long run, but you have to stick to it. If you want your skin to feel smoother, tighter and look more healthy, dry skin brushing is worth trying. 

You will need two brushes. They should be made with natural plant fibers.

Bass BrushesFacial Cleansing Brush
A small face brush. I have this one from Bass, and it is less than $10. 

A larger handled body brush. sells this kit for $20.00 that includes a face brush:

100% Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush & Face Brush Set for Dry Brushing, Bath & Shower with Long Handle - Exfoliate Skin, Reduce Cellulite & Improve Circulation - Perfect As a Gift - FREE Bag & How-To

Coconut oil or a naturally based moisturizer. I really enjoy using Shea Moisture products because they are naturally based and they are reasonable in price. 

If you want to get started right away with dry skin brushing, please enjoy this video link I have posted below. 

The proper way to do dry skin brushing.

Teresa Tapp of has, as a part of her exercise program, a dry skin brushing component a lot of people have benefited from. One of the big things it helps with is keeping the skin tight during weight loss. 

ONE BIG CAVEAT: If you are prone to broken capillaries or you have varicose veins, I would do more research on your own before trying this. 

I plan on dry skin brushing this year each day and will report back with the results!



2017: The Direction My Blog Will Take For The New Year.

There are few things I love nothing more than pushing the restart button. I feel like the beginning of a new year is the ultimate Ctrl-Alt-Del. Like a blank page, I can write my story however I want to!

Since April 3rd., 2013, I have been doing a lot of talking about color and style, color in particular. Here are two conclusions I have come to:

1) I can't help anyone online find their color palette with any degree of accuracy. Can I point someone in the right direction? I can try.....but there is no way I am, from this point forward, going to steer someone into a seasonal category. That is a job for trained professionals. 

2) I am not a style expert and don't really want to be. Again, another job for the pros. 

My personal color journey has come to an end. It's so much easier for me to live by my "TMIT" which is Bright. (Please read the previous blog post.) So, my interest in all things color analysis has changed. I am not "on the hunt" anymore. I've also come to realize that everyone has to take their own journey in their own way. For some, it is a short little walk. For others, it is a long-range quest. Neither one is more right or wrong. Sometimes, I think you learn so much more when the trip is a long one. 

Take a look at the beginning of my color journey I have posted in the blog archives and you will see how it has evolved and what it has gone through over the last 3 1/2 years. I don't plan on deleting anything, but don't take anything I have said very seriously pre-August 2014. If you are going nuts, please see a good consultant in your area, or make the trip to Tampa and make an appointment with Lisa Ford at Invent Your Image in order to make a fresh start. You will save $$$$ in the long run. Trust me on that point. 

For this year, I have decided to take a break from Facebook. I've met an INCREDIBLE number of really great ladies on FB, but there is so much click bait and drama going on in there from other sources, I tire of it. (If you want to follow me, I am on Instagram as thatblueeyedgirl49 and @tinabee3 on Twitter.)

SO: What shape is this blog going to take?

I plan on talking more about hair care. I've meant to do this a long time ago, but I have neglected to. 

Blowing the lid on some beauty myths is something I have dabbled in, and I plan on hitting that target a bit harder. 

What should you spend money on and what should you walk away from?

Flattering style trends that are worth paying attention to. 

Over 40 beauty...a subject near and dear to my heart, especially since I will be hitting the big 5-0 the middle part of this year. 

What this blog will NOT be:

Full of product reviews. Yes, there will be some, but I can't review all the things, all the time. Other bloggers do a much better, in-depth job of that. 

Reporting any kind of beauty guru gossip. No thank you!

Sponsored by anyone. Everything I say will be strictly my opinion only. Take it with a grain of salt. 

Answering questions and giving my advice. What I want you to do as a reader is, take in the information, try it out and experiment. No one person has all of the answers. I certainly don't. Plus, I am learning something new all of the time. 

I hope you enjoy this new chapter in my blog! 



Sunday, 1 January 2017

Tonal Color Analysis.....Another Great Option.

If you have felt "hemmed in" by your seasonal color palette, or find that certain colors from your neighbor palette are also flattering on your complexion, it may be time to break away from your assigned palette and discover tonal color analysis. 

Depending upon the available palettes from different companies, tonal color analysis fits into these categories:

Light (Light Summer/Light Spring)
Dark (Dark Autumn/Dark Winter)
Bright (Bright Winter/Bright Spring)
Soft (Soft Autumn/Soft Summer)
Cool (True Winter/True Summer)
Warm (True Autumn/True Spring)

I find that tonal color analysis works better for the 8 Neutral seasons than it does for the 4 True seasons. Why?

The difference in chroma, hue and value is very different from True Autumn to True Spring. 

Image result for true autumn true spring

The difference in chroma, hue and value is very different from True Winter to True Summer. 

Image result for true winter true summer

The other 8 seasons share similar properties. Yes...the colors are different, but they are not such disparate neighbors:

Image result for light spring

Image result for light summer

Image result for bright spring and bright winter

Image result for  bright winter

Image result for soft summer vs soft autumn
Image result for soft summer

Image result for dark autumn  vs dark winter

Christine from 12blueprints has a fantastic article about living by your "TMIT" , which is especially helpful in the following circumstances:

1) You are already very experienced at using your color palette and don't have need of using it very much. 

2) You are looking for more variety. 

3) You have to do some shopping for an item, whether it be a special occasion or work, and you can't find anything specifically in your color palette. 

4) You are looking to build on your wardrobe. 

5) You are looking to try a new makeup trend and want to see how your neighbor palette will work. 

Can you do the following?

These can be good options, if desired, although the hue, chroma and value differences are much wider. Experiment with caution:

Light Summer/Bright Winter
Light Spring/Bright Spring
Soft Summer/Dark Winter
Dark Autumn/Bright Spring
Soft Autumn/Light Spring
Dark Winter/Bright Winter

Neutral seasons can also try experimenting with their nearest parent True season for more choices. Start small, and build from there. 

Some of you might find this article a bit surprising from me, as at times I have come across as a bit of a purist when it comes to borrowing from a neighboring palette. Experience of my own has taught me that using colors from a sister palette is by far NOT the worst thing I can do. 

Try tinkering with your seasonal neighbor. There certainly is no harm in giving it a go!