Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hair Color for Dark Autumns

Dark Autumn hair is usually very warm and rich, like a cup of coffee, especially if the person in question is wearing makeup and/or clothing colors in their correct palette. Not every DA has warm, dark and rich hair naturally. Some DA's are on the blonde side. Here are some nice ideas for Dark Autumn hair color:

I love this first photo quite a bit. There is a lot of contrast and pop. I probably would do a bit less in the way of light hair and leave this darker around the face. The dark wine low lights are an unexpected addition. 

Related image

Warm, deep, burnished....all of the things Dark Autumn is. I particularly like the sheen. 

Image result for dark auburn hair highlights

I really like the panels of red/auburn in this. The cut is both funky, but feminine and pretty at the same time. Seal this with a clear, shiny gloss. 
Image result for dark auburn hair highlights

Classic coffee brown. It makes the hair look very thick and rich like a delicious fudge. I'm hungry!
Image result for dark auburn hair highlights

Just plain fun!!! I love everything about this. Some people think that Springs get to be more playful, but there is no reason why a Dark Autumn that is a Flamboyant Gamine style type could not wear this hair. 

Image result for coffee brown hair

A little more conservative, yet super gorgeous, because her level of contrast has not been compromised by too many highlights. 

Image result for coffee brown hair

This looks like shots of flaming copper penny woven through in all of the right places. The cut and color could not be more perfect together. 

Adventurous, yet adorable at the same time. If you are already fairly blonde, this will be a very attention getting look. 

Like cherry smoke....a bit softer and more melted looking than the other examples above. There is something very warm and inviting about this hair. 

Image result for coffee brown hair

Another more soft look. At first glance, this looks like it is on the light side, but observe the darker hair underneath. There is a lot of depth and opacity to the hair pigment. I also really like how the hair has texture to it, much like all of the Autumn influenced palettes do in their textiles. 

Rich and warm:

I hope this gives those of you who are Dark Autumns some food for thought in hair color ideas. Choose your favorite look and show your stylist your vision!



Saturday, 18 February 2017

In Loving Memory.....

Jeremy John Haigh

June 10th, 1976-February 17th, 2017

Son, Husband, Father and Friend

"You will call and I myself shall answer you. For the work of your hands you will have a yearning." Job 14: 13-15

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Beauty Industry.....Consumer Waste. How to Stop Contributing To The Problem


This kind of thing bothers me. 

I've been looking at posts on Reddit and Quora regarding the "throw away" policies of various beauty companies from alleged former employees who claim to be in the know. 

I work at Ulta, returns are destroyed and thrown away. We can order testers or if we have enough of a certain product we need a tester for we can make our own.
[–][deleted] 29 points  
Sephora has a budget on testers and these testers do not belong to anyone but the company. They are for client use. Testers are thrown away when finished and documented. When a tester is damaged or contaminated, they are disposed of in a chemically-safe way. These are also documented. Testers will be given by the company to Sephora sometimes and thus, there is a limited quota. If you pay close attention to Sephora employees, certain items are a lot more observed then others. This is because they can not be replaced for x amount of time. If a tester isn't there, sales dramatically decrease for that product. Other brands will allow Sephora to open their products up at ease to become testers as long as it's documented and reasonable. Samples and testers are two different things. Samples are limited with a maximum usually of 3.
[–]IG: sledgirl603 10 points  
This is a sidenote, but along similar lines of brands "destroying" returns, testers, etc. I know that Chanel personally destroys returns. They don't have the company do it (Macy's for example). Macy's has to send the products back to Chanel

I am assuming you are talking about unopened brand new makeup. Once makeup has reached its expiration date, or is simply not selling well, or is discontinued, it will meet one of two fates:
1) It is deemed a DIF (destroy in field). It will be inventoried and sealed in a box waiting in the backroom until all the DIFs are disposed of (Aka thrown away in a nearby dumpster)
2) the brand will recall it back to either the distribution center, or the brand itself. Similar procedure, inventoried, boxed, sealed, but sent back to the appropriate company.
If you were talking about the testers left behind after a brand moves on to new products, those are always discarded.
-Former Ulta Manager

On whether returns are "damaged out" (reported as damaged) or thrown away:

They do! Worked there (Sephora)for two years. They go into customized bins for makeup/skincare/flamable, etc., and then it is all thrown away.
Crazy, right!? 

There is a trend among young people on YouTube regarding dumpster diving for beauty products that have been discarded. Sanitary considerations notwithstanding, on the one hand, this is a great thing because it keeps those items out of a landfill. On the other hand, sometimes less than savory individuals go into the store and try to return a product they did not buy. As a result, many stores take preventative action and lock their dumpsters. In some locations, dumpster diving is actually considered a criminal offense you can be prosecuted for. 

I hate returning things. HATE!!!! There have been times I have had to do so for one reason or another. Those instances where I had to make a return just made me a bit sick to my stomach, because I knew the products I took back would be thrown out. The company who produced them went through a LOT of research and development, package design and testing to make sure the product is ready to be marketed. Sometimes we forget how much work goes into creating just one tube of lipstick or mascara.  

When it comes to returning products with little thought to the consequences, here is the reality of it:

1) You are wasting the time of the sales associate and manager by blithely returning things. Do it enough, and you may even be banned from shopping at that particular store. 

2) It is a good bet your used products won't end up as a tester, but will be "damaged out" (returned with the explanation that the product was defective) and destroyed, only to end up in a landfill later on. 

3) Sometimes, certain products can be doctored up to look like they are brand new again and they will be put back on the shelf for sale. *may* be purchasing a product that has already been tried out once or twice, thereby exposing someone else to germs or microbes. (Reputable merchants won't do this type of unethical "recycling" .)

4) If you purchase a limited edition release or a very hot item that is in high demand, only to purposely use it once or twice to return, that, in my humble opinion is inexcusable and takes away from someone who is legitimately interested in purchasing said product. 

How to stop this maddening cycle: 

1) Resolve to only return things you genuinely are not happy with. One of the reasons why Target has such a strict return policy is because too many people have abused the system. If all other stores followed suit, consumers might not necessarily be very happy, but it would put less of a strain on our already suffering environment. 

2) Resolve only to purchase cosmetics you can use a tester/take home a sample of. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but you will get a more accurate gauge as to how that product will perform for you. My rule of thumb is, if I can't sample it, I won't buy it, plain and simple. 

3) Resolve to do more business with ethical, vegan companies that package their products in recyclable materials. This is the best way I know of in order to cut down on consumer waste. 

4) Resolve to actually USE recycle bins and containers. Sometimes we get lazy and think it won't matter, but every little bit helps. Plus, it is a good habit to get into. 

*****off my soapbox


Image result for reduce reuse recycle


Monday, 6 February 2017

Prism XII: New Products!!

I received an email this afternoon and it contained this exciting message from Nikki Bogardus:

"Happy New Year!

2017 is going to be an exciting year for PrismXII. We have been working hard over the last months to create some new products for you. Take a look…!

Each of these products has been created using the same Munsell® printing process that is used to produce the popular PrismXII color palettes. Each product is identical in its accuracy, color selection and representation of true Munsell® colors as in your PrismXII palette.

The products have been created to allow you to gain a broader understanding of your colors, their balance, and harmony. They were designed to support you in your journey of understanding your perfect color palette, and to make sure you are never without a quick and easy color checker!

As one client wrote – “these products are either something you’ve always wanted or the sort of thing you don’t realize you really need until you see it”.

Warm regards to you all,


In looking at the new products, I have to say I am impressed. The new items are very reasonably priced and can be considered quite useful. I know I've personally been very pleased with my Prism XII fan, so it's my expectation these new "color helpers" will meet my standards. 

1) The Lipstick Color Guide. It is only $2.00. Small enough to fit in your wallet and take with you. I would highly suggest getting it laminated for safe keeping. 

2) Palette Plus Pages. $10.00. It gives the 8 neutral seasons a wider range to choose from. 

3) A Visual Guide to Color Harmony. $25.00. A letter sized sheet containing your colors. Laminate this and keep it at your makeup table, or hang it on your wall. It is a very nice visual reference of your palette. 

4) Top 10 Cards: $2.00 each. These cards are fantastic!! They take a lot of guesswork out of picking colors to try and narrow the field down to WOW colors you can use for t-shirts, nail polish, etc. 

5) iPhone color guide: $5.00. You will need a clear iPhone case. Just slip this in between your phone and the case. Flip it over and you have an "instant fan" you can use while shopping. I am sure it will fit lots of other phones, although it may be too small to cover almost the entire back of the phone, or may cover over the camera lens. This will be a fun thing to try with my Note 5!

I had to go by the online photos, but the cards of colors helped me see immediately what seasonal category I belonged in and why. This could be a BIG help in deciding which season is yours. 

These are all of the new items I saw listed. I plan on ordering some of these guys next week and will post a complete review soon! Stay tuned!



My 2017 Anti-Haul......What I'm Not Gonna Buy!!

The trend with beauty product releases is so predictable. Overhype the products for weeks or months before the launch date and the buyers will come. The dreaded SOLD OUT notification shows up right after the words "Limited Edition" make an appearance. This tactic is getting old and frankly, I'm sick of seeing it. Under the inspiration of Kimberly Clark , my "I ain't buyin' it" list is as follows.....

1) Anything endorsed by a celeb or beauty guru. If it has someone's name on it, nope. I'm not buying it. Those people don't need my coin. I choose to spend my hard earned dollar on something else. 

2) Too Faced anything. The adorable packaging looks promising and hooks me in every time. Then I open up the tin at the store to look inside and feel a complete pang of disappointment. It never fails! The Melted liquid lipsticks are great.....I have a few. And I LOVE the Sweethearts Flush Blush collection. Anything else? Nope. Not gonna buy it. 

3) The new NARS Spring 2017 Spring collection. Spring means flowers in bloom, green leaves and sunshine. Granted, this collection IS pretty....but I think Soft Summer and especially Soft Autumn are going to come out the winners here. I'm sticking with the classic NARS colors in their permanent line as they will be more flattering to my skin tone. 

4) Tom Ford anything. Yes....the packaging is luxurious. His lipsticks, brushes and cosmetics line are coveted by beauty gurus. But, not everyone is enamored of the formula. I'm not spending $45+ on one tube of lipstick. ONE. Just....nnnnnno. I can't go through with it. 

Image result for Tom Ford lipstick

5) Artis oval brush set. I LOVE beauty tools of all kinds. LOVE. Yes....these look very tempting, but at over $300 for a set, it's not happening. The two most versatile brushes are the #6 and #7, but Stephanie Nicole says that if you have a flat topped foundation brush, the Artis brushes are NOT a necessity. I am sticking with what I have. 

Image result for artis brush set

6) Nude eye shadow palettes from ANY brand. They are overdone, overplayed and ridiculous. I am completely over them. I am tired of seeing them. I wish the NUDE trend would die already!! It does not work on everybody!!

7) Anything made by Jeffree Star. The products do not really cater to my age demographic for starters. However, there are many other reasons why I won't spend a penny on his brand. For more information, click on this link.

8) least for the time being. They hired Manny MUA as a spokesman, and he's not known for being all sunshine and flowers. So until he goes bye-bye, I'll be shopping among the throng of other brands. Click here for the PG-13 rated version of the story.

So, for the time being, the above is my list of "no buys". 

I love Kimberly Clark's message of blatant consumerism and avoiding its lure. Lots of food for thought. There are lots of beauty channels that advocate shopping your own pre existing collection for things you may have forgotten about. 
If you want to find out how to "shop your own collection", click here.

If you have been caught in the cycle of "buy-buy-buy", make a list of the things you won't buy and use your color palette in order to be a LOT more selective. You will save a ton of money and you will use more of what you have. And while you are at it, be willing to shop with indie makeup brands.  for your beauty needs. 



Monday, 30 January 2017

More Eye Shadow Talk.....Springs.

This time of year, many of you living in the Northern Hemisphere are absolutely aching for Spring weather right about now. Colors in nature lighten at that time and the atmosphere feels like it is being reborn. 

If you are one of the Spring seasons, going overboard or too heavy with eye makeup can be oppressive on you. Below are some suggestions to try if a neutral eye shadow look is too pedestrian. 

Bright Spring:

Image result for bright spring

All of us who are Bright Springs have done it.....either a dark black/brown or black and gold eye.'s pretty, but variety is the spice of life! Furthermore, the smoky eye trend is a fail. The last thing we need is to look like we have "two black eyes", which is very easy to do if you are a Spring of any kind. 

One thing I love on Bright Springs is sheer washes of happy color. You can go darker with your eye liner than other Springs, since Winter is a component of your palette. Just step away from solid black. A good black brown is much better.  That little touch of the unexpected is every bit as much fun as Spring is supposed to be. 

Image result for bright eye shadow

True Spring:

Image result for true spring color palette

The closer we get to the sun, the lighter and more warm we go. Fortunately, True Springs have a good choice of neutrals, but being more creative with color is something that happens as a matter of circumstance. Anything dark and heavy has absolutely no place here. Try combining complimentary colors together for more fun (a common theme) and interest. Gold should be light and twinkly. 

Image result for true spring eye shadow

Light Spring:

Image result for light spring

Out of everyone here, Light Spring will get absolutely dominated by too much of anything, whether it is frost, sparkle, color or shine. I find that Light Springs gravitate towards their neutral colors more so than any other seasonal category. Use color on your eyes, but be fussy about it. If Bright Spring and True Spring need to stick to sheer washes of color on their eyes, Light Springs need to take a page from watercolor pastels and add a bit more yellow light to them. 

Image result for pastel eye shadows

For all 3 Springs:

Bright Spring:

There is just something I love about is bright and fiery without being solid neon. A little bit of Winter drama is in there for good measure. I think this would make a really nice evening look:

Image result for coral eye shadow

True Spring:

I love how warm and happy this is. I would naturally skip the dark eye liner and lashes and default to your usual nut browns in this case. The yellow under the eyes could be a bit warmer. Photo examples of the ideal True Spring eye shadow looks are tough to come by. 

This look uses eye shadow in the bright colors of the rainbow - blue, purple, red, and orange, with yellow eyeliner. This gorgeous night out look pairs well with neutral or pink lips!:

Light Spring:

I had to show the whole face on this one, because it is such a pretty, yet funky look a Light Spring would look good in when she is wanting to be more spunky. The model is not completely overdone in too-dark color. Note the twinkly washes of color on the eyes. Gorgeous!

Image result for pastel eye shadow looks

Spring makeup in general is so fresh, juicy and fun! On everybody else, it looks like poster paints or baby clothes. On those of us who really are Springs, the colors on us look and feel like coming home. 



More Eye Shadow Talk...... Winters

 With your seasonal fan, it is an easy proposition to find colors that are complimentary to your eyes. Being a Winter, one of your hallmarks is simplicity in arranging color combinations. The trend towards bright and bold eye shadow looks aren't for everyone and certainly are not office appropriate. But, being neutral toned 24/7/365 is a bit on the boring side after a while. 

Some of you might have one particular eye shadow palette you are in love with and want to keep using. That's great! In that case, I would suggest buying multiples, lest that palette is discontinued. For everyone else who is looking for variety, please read on. 

Dark Winter:

Image result for dark winter color palette

The strip in the middle of the more peach colors can make some great eye shadows you can use as lid or transition shades. A burgundy brown liner or plum can also be unexpected on you, yet not too in-your-face. The color combination strip at the end of the Corporate palette contains great eye liner choices. If you want to wear a smoky eye (a great look for you, btw),  no harsh lines, please. Keep the look soft around the edges. Just make sure you combine enough light with dark colors so the look is not too solid. You have Autumn blend, so matte and satin finishes will be nice on you. 

Love the pink look on the cover! :) Ultimate Collection Of Eye Makeup Pictures:

Image result for dark winter eye shadow

True Winter:

Image result for true winter color palette

Image result for true winter corporate palette

I love pink eye shadow and lilac on True Winters. Not  bright, but icy. The entire icy pastel strip contains some really good choices. A little touch of yellow on the lid is unexpected. If the finish of the eye shadow has some iridescence to it, all the better (MUFE brand has some really nice options). Pine green and darker plum violet eye liners  will also look good. If your eyes are a darker blue, choose one of the blues in your fan that is closest to your eye color. Ink black eye liner will make your eyes pop into focus. The highly contrasting look of a very light eye shadow with black eye liner is particularly flattering. 

Image result for icy pastel eye shadow black eye liner

Bright Winter:

Image result for true winter corporate palette

In looking at your color scheme, one would think that the neon-pops-of-color eye shadow look would be flattering, but that isn't the case. Too much noise on you is too much noise. You are a Winter, after all! Much like True Winter, I would go after the icy pastel strip and get one of each shade. No matte finishes, please. It will look chalky on you. Stick to frosts, or iridescent/duo chrome colors. If you want to have more fun, try the look like the one below. Simplify it more if you wish to. I like that you can still see the skin tone through the shadow, rather than just solid pigment. 

I would never actually do this, but its cool to look at! Ha I have yellow in my eyes kinda like these eyes!:

More dramatic looks for all 3 Winters:


I love the way this looks because it has a "Spring" feel to it with the yellow transitioning into the blues. 

Colorful Blue eyes, stunning eye shadow, eye makeup:


What could be more perfect than pine green with violet and black? 

We came across this Green & Purple Smokey Eye look from Ewelina on MakeupBee and just couldn’t stop staring… stunning!:


A little bit of sheen, deep, slightly smoky and one of Dark Winter's best colors, a rich plum. 

Image result for true winter eye shadow

Never feel like you have to live in neutral eye shadow the rest of your life. Be willing to break out of the box once in a while, or every day if you are so inclined! All three of the Winter seasons can be quite dramatic. Capitalize on this, and for one day, put the taupe or light gold off to the side.